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Whether at 14,000' for sunrise, sea level with a curious manatee or in a meat processing facility with booties and a hair net, one of my passions and invaluable skill sets is being on location directing a shoot. Stills? Motion? Stills and motion? Bring it. Crafting mood boards and concocting scenarios for on-brand b-roll, or storyboarding and script writing for a big production, the work invested in preproduction leads to success on location.

Brands that Resonate
Results-Driven Campaigns 


Working my way up through the communication arts industry as a Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and eventually Chief Creative Officer, I have an appreciation for the nitty gritty, the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to bring brands to life. I like getting my elbows dirty, working in the trenches in order to unearth the next “big idea.” 


My expertise lies within branding, marketing and advertising, along with the ability to lead creative teams and maximize each individual's various skill sets. I truly enjoy working collaboratively with clients and as I’ve grown, I’ve forged the ability to inspire creativity and work well with different personality types.


With a deep understanding of brand development and the effectiveness of 360° marketing, I’m driven by building meaningful campaigns that produce results.

If you are passionate about your brand, we probably need to chat about how we can build something meaningful—together.

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